At Glenn Goldfinger Physical Therapy Associates we seek the highest quality, state of the art equipment to enhance your therapy needs. Part of our philosophy is to stay updated regarding technological advancements so we can offer you the most innovative products available for an array of different diagnoses. Equipment we are currently using to augment treatment success includes:
  • MedEx Phototherapy cold laser lamp — a safe non-invasive infrared laser shown in studies to speed healing by increasing the use of oxygen on a cellular level. It has also been shown to increase circulation and sensation, which is beneficial for diagnoses such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy. (www.medexhealth.com)

  • Magnatherm — a pulsed electromagnetic wave shown in recent studies to counter inflammation in the body as successfully and more safely than taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug.

  • Biodex Balance System — a state of the art development that tests fall risk and determines dynamic balance ability according to age and height. The system has a built-in computer with a variety of training programs for all ages and skill levels. We are currently the only facility in the greater New York City region to own this modern and technologically advanced invention. (www.biodex.com)

  • Neuroprobe — a non-needle acupuncture process that uses electric current to decrease the activity of trigger points. Two differential amplifiers actually locate the acupuncture point and monitor the treatment.

  • Iontophoresis — the use of a topical steroid that is gently infused into the area of inflammation. This is not a muscle building steroid.

  • Paraffin wax hand and foot bath — a treatment used to ease discomfort from pain and inflammation in the hands or feet due to diagnoses such as arthritis and some auto-immune disorders (lupus, scleroderma for example). Our machine has a self sterilizing feature to ensure patient safety.

  • Ultrasound — the use of sound waves to help increase circulation and heat the tissues in order to promote healing in the area of application.

  • Electrical Stimulation — the use of gentle electrical currents to address a variety of problems including pain, swelling, loss of muscle function due to injury, and loss of strength. Current protocols include the highly successful interferential current technology.

  • Chi and leg sway machines — products designed and developed at the University of Beijing. These new machines are designed to reduce blockage of "Chi" energy. Inflammation is one of the major causes of blocked Chi energy.

We also utilize several pieces of equipment invented by Mr. Goldfinger to decrease spasm and fascial restrictions, and increase range of motion throughout the body. This equipment is frequently used in the facility and is available for home use.

In addition to Mr. Goldfinger's inventions, we use a variety of other traditional equipment, including assorted weights and elastic resistive bands, Body Blades, Physiorollers, yoga belts and blocks, BAPS boards, lumbar supports, orthotic devices for all joints, cervical contoured pillows, orthopedic boots, Aircasts, an array of pedorthotics, as well as home traction units.

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